At Wasatch Global Investors, our founding principles include teamwork, integrity, gratitude and maintaining a long-term perspective. We believe these are hallmarks of a well-run business and can be catalysts for social good.

Our team members’ diversity of thought and diversity of experience power our distinctive firm culture and provide the foundation of our success. Our long-term investment perspective and commitment to culture also extends to the communities in which we live and work. We encourage our employees to be active in their communities.

We strive to be honest, trustworthy and to act with integrity, knowing these are crucial to every relationship—both among ourselves and with our clients. We are grateful to have earned the trust of our clients, as they place their valuable assets in our care and we help them pursue important causes and responsibilities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our best decisions result from intense collaboration among talented and experienced team members. Our Multiple Eyes™ collaborative approach demands a diversity of thought to be effective, and we aim to assemble teams with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Wasatch seeks to be the premier workplace for world-class talent, which requires a culture of inclusiveness regarding age, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, military status, and other protected and self-identified classes.

Our approach to nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace is led by our Board of Directors, articulated in our firm’s Culture Statement, supported by our employees, and evident in the hiring and development of our people.

Supporting Our Employees

Employee Benefits and Work Environment

We believe employees reach their full potential when they are supported in the workplace. To attract and retain exceptionally talented individuals, we offer flexible work schedules, parental leave, sabbaticals, fully paid health care, professional development and more.

Community Investment

We seek to engage with and be a positive influence in the communities in which we live and work. Among its efforts, Wasatch offers a generous charitable gift matching program and organizes group volunteer efforts with local charities.


As long-term investors, we want to make sure we are looking for sustainable practices not only at the companies in which we invest but also at Wasatch itself. As a firm, we are continually looking for ways to run our business more efficiently and to have a positive impact on the environment.