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2019 Year-End Mutual Funds Distributions Estimates Are Now Available

News, November 26, 2019

The distribution amounts may change substantially due to a variety of issues such as shareholder contributions/withdrawals, recognition of capital gains/losses, equalization and…

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Wasatch Market Scout – Staying Humble, Focused on the Long Term

Insights, October 9, 2019

Although the relative performance of the Wasatch investment strategies was mixed during the third quarter—some strategies were a bit ahead of their benchmarks and some…

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Wasatch Launches Two New Mutual Funds

News, October 1, 2019

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1, 2019—Wasatch Global Investors announced today the launch of the Wasatch International Select Fund and the Wasatch…

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Barron’s – How a Market-Beating Small-Cap Fund Finds Killer Companies

News, September 27, 2019

Metrics matter to John Malooly, manager of the small-cap-focused Wasatch Ultra Growth fund. But finding the right investments takes more than mere…

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Wasatch Advisors Rebrands as Wasatch Global Investors

News, September 24, 2019

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 24, 2019—Independent investment manager Wasatch Advisors has rebranded as Wasatch Global Investors, the firm announced today. There…

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Morningstar – A Perfect Fit: Ajay Krishnan Applies the Wasatch Process in India

News, September 24, 2019

Morningstar recently featured Ajay Krishnan and Wasatch Emerging India Fund in an article titled “A Perfect Fit – Ajay Krishnan Applies the…

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Biotech: Lively Growth Prospect Or Financial Health Hazard?

Insights, September 24, 2019

Decidedly few corners of the investing world are capable of engaging the imagination like biotechnology (“biotech”). With all due respect to companies…

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